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(c) 2000-2021

mode zero


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Mode Zero presents a repository of photos, mp3 demos, and reviews of phase shifters, flangers, choruses, leslie simulators, delays, and other audio effects and devices.   You can use the mp3s to compare what different effects sound like on the same source material.  The index lists all the effects and is grouped by effect type (flangers, phasers, etc).  mp3s, photos, and reviews are always being added to the individual effect pages -- eventually, almost everything will have mp3 demo files for your listening pleasure. 

The frequency feast page takes a different approach, featuring combinations of effects, one-off tests, effects not included in the index, longer mp3s, etc.

Newly added or beefed-up pages are listed on the what's new page.  Subscribe to the RSS feed (or here) to receive update notifications.

Unlike many effects and music sites, Mode Zero is completely free of advertising.  In exchange for providing this free, spamless archive for your gratification, education, and entertainment, we ask that you please observe the usage policy (see below).

We respect your privacy and don't use any cookies, scripts, applets or plugins.


usage policy

All images, audio, reviews, and other content on are copyright (c) Mode Zero.  Of course, the designs and appearance of the effects are trademarked and/or patented by the original manufacturers.  We usually do not include schematics or other proprietary information; circuit boards are shown, but only on one side.

You may download MZ content for your personal viewing, reading, and listening.  However, we ask that you not copy, sell, post, or hotlink to MZ images, audio files, or reviews:

-- to advertise, auction, or sell audio gear (for example, in an eBay or Craigslist posting, or a dealer website) or for any other commercial purpose.  This is partly because MZ is a non-commercial site, and partly because some people have misrepresented MZ photos as the actual item they were selling.

-- as content for another web site, forum, mailing list, book, CD, DVD, compilation, etc. 

If you would like to refer to content on MZ for non-commercial purposes, please feel free to use a link to any html pages on the site.