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mode zero


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last update: Monday, January 4, 2021

pages marked with an asterisk * have mp3 audio.

phase shifters, leslie simulators

ace tone lh-100 stereo phasor  *

a/da final phase   *

akai intelliphase   *

alesis faze  

ampeg phazzer

bbe soul vibe

blue lagoon parallel phase

boss ph-1r phaser  *

boss ph-3 phaser   *

boss rph-10 phaser   *

byoc soaring skillet

carl martin two faze

castle instruments phaser III

chase bliss wombtone (original version)

coron p-58 phase tone

countryman type 968 phase shifter

custom analog electronics infinitephase

dearmond 1900 pedal phaser

devtronix vibrato-tremolo modulator   *

dna analogic purple phase

dod 201, 401, 401b, 490 phasers

dod phasor 595, 595-A   *

dod electronic phasor (two versions)  *

doepfer a-101-3 modular 12 stage vactrol phaser

doepfer a-125 voltage controlled phase shifter

dynacord cls-222   *

earthquaker devices grand orbiter phase machine

electro-harmonix bad stone (two versions)

electro-harmonix small stone (two versions)

electro-harmonix stereo polyphase  *

eventide instant phaser

fender phaser

foxx model 7 foot phaser

frequency central continuum phaser II

frequency central sonic death ray

george dennis phaser

guyatone p s 3 phase shifter

guyatone rolly box phase shifter

hughes & kettner tube rotosphere   *

ibanez ph-7 phaser   *

ibanez classic phase (ph99)  *

ibanez fp-777 flying pan

ibanez phase tone II (pt-707)  *

ibanez phase tone pt-909

ibanez ph10 bi-mode phaser

in-line effects xe-604 master phaser  *

jh 20 pole phaser (tau phaser)

maestro ps-1 phase shifter   *

maestro phaser (mp-1)

maestro stage phaser   *

mam phaze2 stereo phaser  *

maxon ph-350 rotary phaser  *

maxon phase tone

maxon pt9pro+ phaser  *

maxon pt-909 phase tone

mfos / synthasonic 8 stage phaser

mike irwin 24 stage phaser

modmax phaser

moog 12 stage rack phaser

moog moogerfooger mf-103 phaser  *

morley deluxe phaser (mod-dfb)  *

mu-fx phasor 2x

multivox fullrotor *

musonic variable phaser

mu-tron bi-phase   *

mu-tron phasor and phasor II   *

mxr phase 100 (original)   *

mxr commande series phaser

mxr series 2000 phaser

nady phase shifter   *

next phaser  *

nonlinearcircuits phase / flange 329

option 5 destination rotation  *

pearl ph-03 phaser   *

pearl ph44 phaser  *

pigtronix ep-1 envelope phaser   *

pigtronix ep-2 envelope phaser

pigtronix rototron

red witch deluxe moon phaser

rfx phaseovibe phaser/vibrato

roland jet phaser (ap-7)

roland phase five (ap-5)

roland phase II (ap-2)  *

roland ph-830 stereo phaser  *

roland revo 30

roland 572 phase / delay

roland sph-323 phase shifter  *

ross phaser

sobbat phase breaker (pb-2)

symetrix phase filter *

systech 7026 dual phase shifter

systech pedal phase shifters  *

t.c. electronic xii b/k phaser *

tokai tph-2 phaser  *

t-rex tremonti phase shifter

univox phz-1 phaser   *

vermona ph16 stereo phaser  *

vesta phaser module

vesta stereo phase   *

vestax dph-x1 ultra phaser

voce spin  *

vox 1900 phaser  

yamaha ph-01 phaser   *

yamaha ph-100 phaser  *



a/da flanger *

alesis phlngr

bel bf-20 stereo flanger

boss bf-1 flanger   *

boss bf-3 flanger   *

boss hf-2 hi-band flanger

boss rbf-10 flanger

chase bliss spectre flanger

danelectro psycho flange

dbx 906 flanger+

dod flanger 575, 575-a, 575-b

dod flanger 640

dod flanger 670  *

dod r-870 flanger doubler  *

dynacord tam 21 time axis manipulation system

electro-harmonix electric mistress 

electro-harmonix deluxe electric mistress  *

electro-harmonix flanger hoax   * 

electro-harmonix polyflange  *

eventide instant flanger

fender flanger   *

foxrox paradox tzf

guyatone fl3 flanger

holmes h-x13 jet flanger   *

ibanez fl-303 flanger

ibanez fl-305 flanger

ibanez fl9 flanger   *

ibanez classic flange (fl99)  *

in-line effects xe-602 stereo flanger

jack deville mod zero flanger

klark-teknik dn34 analogue time processor

maxon vjr9 vintage jet riser

moog minifooger mf flange

morley deluxe flanger (mod-flb)

mxr auto flanger  

mxr flanger/doubler and roland sbf-325 stereo flanger  *

    click here for sbf-325 review  *

mxr flanger

mxr micro flanger

nady chorus flanger  *

nady fl-10 flanger

nady ps-018 jet sound flanger

rocktron flx flanger

paia phlanger

rfx 970 vibraflange

systech 4000a and 7012 flangers

tascam cf-20 dual flanger / chorus

tokai tfl-1 flanger

tycobrahe pedalflanger

vesta fire sf-010 dual flanger / chorus

vesta flanger module

vestax pfl-1 flanger module

vestax sfl stereo flanger

washburn fx:4 flanger

yamaha fl-10mII flanger

yamaha fl-100 flanger


choruses, string ensemble processors, etc.

analogue systems rs-310 reverb / chorus

arion sch-1 chorus

bbe mind bender vibrato / chorus

boss ce-1 chorus ensemble

boss ce-2 chorus

boss digital dimension (dc-3)

boss dimension c (dc-2)  *

boss dimension c waza craft (dc-2w)

carl martin chorus x II  *  

chase bliss audio warped vinyl mkII vibrato / chorus

diamond vibrato

dod stereo chorus vibrato 565-b

dod fx67 stereo turbo chorus

dod chorus 690  *

dod mini-chorus / 460

dr scientist cosmichorus v2

electro-harmonix clone theory  *

electro-harmonix small clone

electro-harmonix stereo clone theory  *

guyatone chorus machine (chorus box)

guyatone mc3 micro chorus

ibanez chorus mini

ibanez cs-505 chorus  *

ibanez ec40 canary chorus

ibanez rc99 rotary chorus

marshall sv-1 supervibe chorus

moogerfooger mf-108m cluster flux chorus / flanger

morley stereo chorus vibrato (mod-scv)

mti analog string ensemble  *

multivox cb-1 chorus box

mxr m234 analog chorus

mxr micro chorus  

mxr stereo chorus  *

nady chorus flanger  *

next chorus  *

next tc-1300 triphase chorus   *

pearl ch-02 chorus

rockman stereo chorus    *

rocktron prochorus

rocktron crs chorus

roland dimension D

ross chorus

tc 3rd dimension chorus

trace elliot quad chorus

visual sound liquid chorus v2

wampler nirvana chorus

way huge blue hippo mkII chorus

yamaha dc-100 dimension chorus

zvex instant lo-fi junky


filters, guitar synths, pitch shifters, ring modulators, etc.

360 systems slavedriver pitch to cv converter

alesis bitrman

analogue solutions filtered coffee

art (mxr) pitch transposer

black cat ring modulator

boss ft-2 dynamic filter

deltalab dl-5 harmonicomputer

doepfer a-127 triple voltage controlled resonance filter

guyatone vt-x tremolo

ibanez af-9 auto filter 

jomox t-resonator stereo delay / filter

korg synthepedal

korg x911 guitar synthesizer

madbean honeydripper

mam rs3 resonator   *

moogerfooger mf-102 ring modulator

moogerfooger mf-105m midi murf

mxr pitch-shift doubler   *

next vox-II (mam vf-11) vocoder

pearl oc-07 octaver

roger mayer voodoo vibe

vermona rm-1 ring modulator



ace tone eh-50 bbd echo chamber

archer electronic reverb

bel ba-40 delay line flanger

blacet time machine

boss dm-3 analog delay

boss dm-100 and dm-300 delay machines  *

diamond memory lane analog delay

dod dual delay 585-b

dod fx96 analog delay

doepfer a-188-1 bbd module

doepfer a-188-2 tapped bbd module

dynacord ec 280 electronic echo   *

dynacord vrs-23 vertical reverberation system

electro-harmonix deluxe memory man 1100-tt

electro-harmonix deluxe memory man xo

guyatone ad-x tube analog delay

ibanez ad190 time machine delay / flanger

ibanez ad-202 analog delay  *

ibanez analog delay mini

loft 440 delay line / flanger

marshall ar-300 tape eliminator

maxon ad-900 analog delay

maxon ad9pro analog delay

micmix timewarp

mxr carbon copy deluxe analog delay

neutrik ad4 audio delay unit

rockman stereo chorus / delay

rockman stereo echo

sound concepts sd-550 ambience restoration system

spectra sound 4020 delay line

swtpc 2as-a ambience synthesizer

teac dl-10 analog delay

teac echo-8 analog delay

way huge aqua puss mkII analog delay

way huge supa puss analog delay

yamaha ad-10 analog delay

yamaha e1005 and e1010 analog delays  *

zvex lo-fi loop junky